"Your most creative work is pre-production,
once the film is in production, demands on time
force you to produce rather than create"


A pencil is just a tool, but in the right hands with creativity
driving its direction, a masterpiece is born.
The tools we use are only as good as the creative artist behind them. Imagenation provides creative minds the opportunity to utilise expertise and experience from various fields in the one full service production studio.
Our unique workflow combination of creative production & direction of CGI, photography, live action and full service post production allowing for the most efficient and engaging experience. If a picture tells a thousand words, our galleries have thousands of desciptions about our high quality results.
Our techniques have been the culmination of our experience. Industry leading applications are useless unless you have the expertise to unlock their full potential. We employ the latest techniques combined with the most creative pipelines, using state of the art systems and equipment. All this driven by a desire to create the most engaging imagery in an ever-changing industry.
• Creative Retouching
• Digital CGI Illustraion
• Broadcast Design
• CGI Animation
• Film & Media Production
• Post Production & Finishing
This culminates in our extensive offering of high-end CGI illustration for product development, artistic impression and creative execution that can all be evolved to satisfy the ever growing hunger for captivating multimedia and broadcast content.Whether your requirements are for a short term, quick turnaround project or an extensive long term captivating full production media rich experience, we will always offer the most streamlined and effective service, with a little added Imagenation!