"Your most creative work is pre-production,
once the film is in production, demands on time
force you to produce rather than create"

About Imagenation

Imagenation is a unique, High-end, Hybrid studio, bringing creative ideas to life, in print, new media content creation and broadcast production.
Our philosophy is simple - Turn the unrealistic into reality.
Our directors have over 20 years in the digital imaging field and with Imagenation Virtutising trading since the late 90's we create an un-parallelled opportunity for your imagenation to become a reality.
Our experience tells us that there will always be projects that fall short on time, money or inspiration. Rest assured, we will strive to better any expectations laid before us and with a facility driven by creative thinking we will add value to anything we create. We have opportunities to think outside the box and will employ different processes and workflows allowing for a different production perspective to achieve the highest possible results.
The simple fact is our pride and passion lies within the quality and abundance of services we can provide.